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Why you didn't get the job...

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If you don’t know what you’re doing “wrong,” you can’t fix it. Most interviewers will not take the time to give you honest, useful feedback about why they decided not to hire you which is unfair. Maybe it has to do with the following points?

1. Late

Surely everyone knows you shouldn't be late to an interview, right?

If you are late, the hiring manager will assume you have bad time keeping and you are not serious about the opportunity or you are not reliable.

2. Appearance

You've shown up to your interview in casual clothes. Jeans, T-shirt and trainers? Sloppiness makes you look like you don’t care enough to prepare. Many managers will also see lack of polish as an indicator that they wouldn’t be able to trust you to positively represent their group or the company.

3. Body Language

Your body language sends a loud message. Lack of eye contact and sitting in a slouch position will make the hiring manager think you are not interested. Good posture, smiling when appropriate, making eye contact and leaning forward are all positive ways to express your interest in the job.

4. Knowledge of the company

You didn't research the company and you didn't show an interest in finding out about their core values and competitors.

5. Instructions

You got asked to bring your application, ID, references and proof of education. Whatever it is, they are requesting it for a reason and you didn't bring it. If you cannot follow these instructions or if you’re making up excuses for why you’re not prepared, you can bet they view that as an indication of how you will respond to job duties. This was your first assignment and sadly you failed.

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